Ngapali situated about 7 km away fromThandwe district and it’s about 10.56 miles from North to South and 1.5 miles from East to West. Naturally, the white sandy beach stretches for about five miles from north to south washed on the west by the Bay of Bengal.

Beautiful white sand beaches lined with tall coconut palms. Ngapali beach offer visitors the chance to swim, clear water, sail, kayak and safety from wild fishes.

Ngapali beach is not only the most beautiful beach in Myanmar but also a popular beach in South East Asia. The best time to visit this beach during October and May of every year.

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Sandaw Pagoda

Situated just east of town and right across a small river about half a mile from the market, Sandaw Pagoda, by 30 minutes’ drive from our resort is said to enshrine the hair relic of Buddha.

Nandaw Pagoda

Stand a mile west of Thandwe's market boasting scenic views of the river and misty rice fields. Nandaw Pagoda, around 30 minutes’ drive from our resort is deemed to hold the rib relic of Buddha.

Andaw Pagoda

Located across Thandwe River, and this place of worship 30 minutes’ drive from our resort is said to contain the tooth relic of Buddha.

Zalun Monastery

One of the big draws in the area is the Zalun Monastery which houses the non-stale body of a Buddhist monk (as a result of prolonged meditation) who passed away in 1984. His remain have been kept in the monastery in a glass case for decades and this is a moving and unusual sight. The trip out to Zalun Monastery which takes 30 Km away from the resort is also part of the experience as you will weave past paddy fields and dainty Rakhine villages.

Thandwe Market 

Thandwe's big market is in the center of town accessible by car in 20 minute from our resort where you can find all manner of clothes, cosmetic, toiletries and household goods as well as locally produced traditional costumes.


Enjoy 9 holes golf course, located 10 minutes away from our resort with the beautiful nature that surrounds. There, you play and feel the fresh breeze coming directly from the sea. For details, kindly contact Front Desk.

Pearl Island

Accessible by boat where provides excellent opportunities for snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, swimming and relaxing on scenic island beach.

Fisherman Village

Set out to this exciting site called Jade Taw in the early morning in order to witness the fishermen’s return to village and unload their catch at jetty. It is reachable by bicycle only 20 minutes from our resort.

Elephant Conservation Camp

This 1 hour drive by land & water trip will bring you to the camp with peace of mind and full of beautiful scenery. The warmly & Friendly elephant attendants will ensure you to complete your excursion trip around the jungle on elephant back.

Balloon over Ngapali &Thandwe

Offer an intriguing view of pagodas, mountains and people, as well as the activity in the town. For those who love to bird watching may have a good chance of spotting some rare & exotic birds as the balloon drifts low at tree top level over pristine jungle, as you rise high above the hills you can see the coastline of Bay of Bengal. Pick up is normally 05:30 am for transfer to launch site.